GOTBLISS, Incorporated

We seek to provide a safe and affirming community for all Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Minorities, regardless of the label (gay/lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, etc), as well as our Straight Supporters.

Getting Involved

How often have you  sat at home wishing you had something to do and an accepting group of people in your own hometown to do it with?

Let's face it, the Yuba-Sutter area hasn't been the most accepting place to live. When you look around, you see churches and local politicians, letters to the editor, etc with an anti-gay, anti-equality message. There has been little to no LGBT community visible.

That started to change at the end of 2011 when GOTBLISS was formed. We began with a simple monthly potluck and expanded to include a monthly Boys' Night Out!, Girls' Night Out!, Game Night, and at least two large dance-party style events a year, as well as a summer camping trip.  Join us and get to know your neighbors!  We're looking for volunteers to help organize the groups events.

Get involved, by attending and event, liking our facebook page, and sharing information about the group with your friends.

Upcoming Events

"Uniting a Community"

Please visit our facebook page for a list of all current events.